Brightech Ambience Pro Review 2018

Brightech Ambience Pro Review 2018

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These are awesome, good quality, and SUPER bright. Great if you want a carnival in your back yard. I was mortified to find they didn’t dim after stringing three sets nose to tail (my fault, I should have read the discription carefully). I contacted the manufacturer and was told they couldn’t recommend anything. I ordered the levitron 100 TTYL 100H because other people on amazon did only to find it worked at full bright only. The LEDs simply flicker at any other setting. I figured there’s not enough current to actually dim these low draw bulbs so I stuck a conventional 60W bulb in at the end of the string AND IT WORKED. Got a full range of brightness including the ambiance low light initially set out for. So happy I didn’t have to take them down.

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