Does Dieting Really Help in Weight Loss?

Does Dieting Really Help in Weight Loss?

Obesity is a serious issue all over the world. Every third person especially kids are obese/ overweight and suffer from various illnesses connected to obesity. Our ‘standard American diet’ is no longer restricted only to our country. World over youngsters are taking a fancy to eating fast foods and ready to eat food stuff. As we are always in a hurry to rush to work or get back home in the rush hour traffic there is no energy left in us to cook a decent meal for ourselves. We look for easier option of buying and heating pre cooked meals that are high in fat and preservatives. This makes us put on weight and before we realize, we are overweight. Arthritis, joint pain, depression, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes are some of the illnesses caused due to excess weight. Thyroid is another health problem that can cause over weight. Regular exercise regimen combined with strict diet plan along with a stress free lifestyle can automatically make you lose weight. Taking medications for thyroid is a must.

Heart attacks- People are busy climbing the corporate ladder that leads to high stress levels. Due to which they often end up putting on weight due to irregular eating habits. Beer also is a cause for weight gain leading to heart attack and hyper tension.

Obesity can be genetic- Indeed for many, obesity is genetic. Such people needn’t worry. Today there is total solution to obesity. Surgery should be the last option.

It is here that you need to exercise as well as diet to lose weight. There are weight loss pills available in the market. There are also many diets that’ll starve you for a few weeks to lose weight. Once you stop taking those diets, you gain weight again.

People often wonder if all these fat reducing agents will have side effects. Yes. Of course. Side effects are a part of any drug or pill. Instead the advice is to follow a simple regular meal plan that includes plenty of protein and fiber. Actually all these so called fat reducing agents are made up of fiber that helps in digestion and fat reduction. These pills are made out of organically grown cactus plants. In countries like Mexico, cactus is a traditional staple diet that is cooked in almost every household. A certain type of cactus helps in weight loss. Aloe Vera is a type of cactus that is used for holistic healing of diabetes, weight loss and skin related problems. There are fresh vegetables, herbs and shrubs that contain fiber and can be eaten regularly to keep your weight under check.

Though medicines and diet pills are marketed ably to reach the audience they do not guarantee weight reduction. Moreover they can cause grievous harm to your health. There is a major market in the U.S. A for diet pills; yet they don’t assure you of any weight loss. The loss is only temporary; eventually the patient gains weight again.

Instead, it is better to follow a weight loss diet that guarantees weight reduction over a period of time. This is done gradually and with no medication. A slight change in your regular diet and simple and easy to do exercise at home will guarantee excellent results. The Ebook ‘Weight Loss Secrets Revealed’ gives a complete solution to weight loss. It talks about how various foods we eat affects our body metabolism and how we can avoid the food stuff that creates problem for us.

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is encouraged to keep the body well balanced with minerals and nutrients. There are recipes that can help to keep weight loss under check. There is also a 7 day meal plan that will help you to jump start your weight loss program. There is no need for you to completely stay off carbohydrates. Instead eating everything in moderation can help you to lose the excess fat gradually, over a period of time.

Plan your diet

People who are overweight often preoccupied about their diet and what they eat. It becomes more of an obsession and their fervent wish to lose weight get them obsessed with it. There are many diet foods that help in weight loss. To start a diet plan first try and understand what diet foods will suit your body. Get comfortable with the idea that it’s going to take some time for you to lose weight. Acceptance and motivation is the first step to weight loss.

Prepare a diet that can help you to shed a few kilos. Your diet fitness plan should consist of all the necessary vitamins and minerals that are required for the body. For example you cannot completely ignore proteins or fat. Everything has to be taken in low quantity to ensure success in weight loss. Start preparing a meal chart.

  • Take 4-6 small meals in a day. Instead of sticking to 3 large meals convert them into six small ones. Don’t stop having your regular diet food that helps in weight loss.
  • Eat fresh and low fat foods. Sugar and fat are two important ingredients that should be taken in less quantity or avoided if you can. Supplement sugar with saccharine and butter with margarine. Avoid candy, French fries, burgers and pastries and pies. Plan your meal a day in advance.
  • Have plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, fish, tuna milk, low fat meat and skinless poultry. Avoid eggs. The egg yolk contains most of the calories and is high in cholesterol.
  • Your diet plan can also consist of plenty of greens, salads, baked sweet potatoes and boiled brown rice. Vegetables and fruits contain fiber that help in digestion as well as maintain the vitamin and mineral content in the body. Starchy foods that add carb should be avoided. Rice in any form is a strict no-no. Even wheat does not help in weight loss. Bread, pasta, crackers, most cereals, flour based products, white potatoes, white rice, and pasteurized dairy and cheese are all no-no’s for a diet plan.
  • Tuna milk, white pork, turkey, fish and chicken are healthy foods for diet plan. Sprouts and baked beans can also form the part of a diet plan. Make this diet plan a way of life and not as a diet regimen only till you reduce a few pounds.
  • Coconut oil or olive oil is better than canola oil. Your diet plan should be user friendly and you should be able to eat any dish you wish to eat at any time. Hence always try and substitute high calorie items with low calorie items so that you can eat your favorite dish as well as not add on weight.

Diet food that helps in weight loss consists of low fat, low sugar, low in calories and low in sodium. It shouldn’t be that you are stressed by your diet plan. So enjoy your diet food for weight loss so that you can get optimum results from it.

Myths about diet food

There are some myths and truths about diet foods:

  • Each body metabolism differs, so what suits your friend may not suit you. Also diet foods may help you to reduce weight during the period when you are taking it but your weight will shoot up once you stop that diet. How long can anyone continue drinking only glasses of protein shakes?
  • Secondly there are powders available in packets that help to reduce weight. Just drinking them alone can lead to suffering from giddiness and weakness. It is not wise to take these diet supplements without proper medical advice.
  • Don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks. Nowadays there are quacks in every field and weight loss and fitness is not left behind. There are quacks who in their urge to make a quick buck will suggest a popular brand of diet food which may cause harm to your body. Avoid such quick (quack) weight loss programs. Reducing weight has to be gradual and measured.
  • Youngsters’ world over wish to sport six pack abs (boys) and a size zero (girls). In their penchant to outsmart their peers they end up getting into serious health problems like anorexia.

It is best to follow a natural diet plan that suits your body. Whatever you eat should be a balanced diet consisting of all the nutrients that are necessary for the body. Avoid smoking, fatty foods and sugar. This can considerably help in shedding a few kilos.

Starving is not dieting

Ideally there is no need for any of us to really give up on eating sumptuous food.

Eating quick and small meals at frequent intervals and drinking water from time to time helps in keeping the body cool as well as healthy. Avoid fatty and starchy foods. That doesn’t mean that you will stop eating rice or wheat.  Take small measures. Supplement it with plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meat and sugar free desserts. Instead of using butter, use margarine and use olive or coconut oil to prepare your meals.

Over weight and obesity causes relationship problems also. Some men start playing the field once their wife puts on weight post pregnancy. This causes rift in relationships and women go crazy wanting to lose weight. In their desperation they get into the wrong diet programs and land up with health issues. My advice to all of them is, please don’t be desperate. Be calm and consult a dietician for losing weight. Start your diet plan right from the time you are confirmed pregnant. Eat correctly. Go for long walks. That should ensure that you don’t put on weight. Also follow post natal exercises regularly. Make your husband also participate in your exercise and diet plan. That will help you both to bond more.

It is indeed true that obesity cannot be controlled only with diet. Regular exercise like yoga can help in keeping you physically as well as mentally agile. Many overweight people are desperate to lose weight and start following diet plans that are not meant for them. I would suggest that it is better to follow a diet plan that suits your body metabolism. Just because there is a popular diet that is being marketed well is available, don’t go in for that. See to it that it suits you.

Go Natural

Try to eat natural foods like vegetables, fruits and milk. Organic food store 85% of the nutrients in them which in turn while consumed gets into our body. The artificially grown food stuff has fewer nutrients and is more contaminated with harmful chemicals which we eat ultimately. Do you know that America produces more than 2 billion pounds of pesticides that is used in farming? Ultimately, all that ends up in our food stuff.  Incidentally there are farmers who refuse to use chemicals and grow food stuff in an organic way. Since the time taken to grow these products is longer as well as fewer quantities are available; they are expensive and a load on the pocket. Yet they are natural and help you in maintaining good health.

The artificially grown apples or other fruits are not helping you with weight loss simply because they do not contain the nutrients they are supposed to. Where as an organic apple can provide the desired results. If you are on a budget while shopping for grocery then try and buy fruits and vegetables that are organic. Fresh leafy vegetables, greens, lemons, carrots, bell pepper and potatoes can be some of the organic vegetables that can help in giving nutrient supply to your body. Organic fruits like apples, peaches, strawberries and pears and cherries can help in giving the right amount of iron and vitamins.

Water melon, banana, grape fruit, pineapples, plantains and mangoes have less of pesticides content in them. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, egg plant, cabbages, radish and asparagus have low level of pesticides and chemical content. Hence you can buy these items from the regular counter.

While buying dairy products look for the organically grown label. Hormone injected meats and chicken and eggs can cause grievous harm to your health. Bird flu, swine flu are some of the examples of this. Eat natural foods that are organic, combine it with a regular measure of exercise and top it with a healthy, positive attitude. That should do the trick!

By this time, I have a miracle weight loss program ‘Two Week Diet’. Not only does it lead to a lean and perfect body, but it achieves it in an incredibly short time – just two weeks. You can find out more information by click here ‘Two Week Diet’.
I wish you a very happy and fruitful life. May you succeed in all your endeavors.

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