InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review 2019

InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review 2019

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InSinkErator Evolution Compact Review 2019

My old InSinkErator wasn’t getting the job done. I felt compelled to replace it after my kitchen sink backed up and I had to get into the plumbing to remove the clog (carrot skins for what it’s worth). I went for the Evolution Compact, because it was a newer model, has 2 levels of grind that can handle difficult foods like carrot skins and potato peels. It was also more affordable than the other compactors in the Evolution series. I’ve been using it for a month and the difference between the Evolution and the old-style InSinkErator is satisfyingly stark. The Evolution Compact is whisper quiet compared to its predecessor. It doesn’t shake my sink like the old model, either. Aside from these more aesthetic benefits, the garbage disposal powerfully disintegrates all the food I’ve thrown at it in an instant, even the peels. I am very satisfied with the Evolution Compact and am glad I didn’t settle on the older InSinkErator models that are still being sold at a somewhat lower price point; this model is worth the premium.


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