REVIEW Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

REVIEW Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

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REVIEW Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System

I read so many reviews about the saltwater system, and took a chance even with the bad reviews. I have been using an Intex sand filter (12”) for 5 years now (as seen in my photo). My pool is an Intex Prism Frame 15×48 round. After setting up the pool and beginning to fill, I got the sand filter set up on the pool and attached the saltwater system. Getting that added was super easy! Next I got the sand filter running and added the salt. I thought this would be trial and error as many people say the unit threw codes. I calculated the amount of salt and added it (2 3/4 bags for our 15×48-I used the chart in the booklet that came with it…online calculators told me to add more which would have resulted in a ‘high salt’ alert) and ran the pump without the saltwater system turn on, for the recommended 24 hours so the salt would circulate and dissolve. I followed the instructions and turned on the saltwater system and set the timer. One thing I didn’t realize is that later in the Manual it says at startup you should use the ‘boost’ button! This has the unit make chlorine faster. Later on you will use this to ‘shock’ your pool instead of pouring in chlorine shock! Perfect! After running it for 14 hours on boost, I have the perfect level of chlorine. Add some stabilizer and there you have it! A perfectly balanced pool. After that you just run it for the allotted time in the manual. For my size pool, with stabilizer) it says 3 hours. Without stabilizer 6.

I am really happy I took the chance on this! Be sure not to put too much salt in at first, and you will be up and running!

Will update after more use!


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