Shelterlogic Shed in a Box 8x8x8 Review 2018

Shelterlogic Shed in a Box 8x8x8 Review 2018

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I needed help getting this sucker put up and together – but once it was up, it was great.

I use it to keep my motorcycle covered and while I should have gotten the bigger 8’x8′ one, this one works fine – I pull my bike in at a slight angle and let the front wheel go past the back wall about a foot. The wheel still stays covered and the rest of the bike fits into the shed nicely zipped up and protected from sun, wind, rain, snow, etc.

My yard didn’t really like the spiral tie-downs that came with this so I used spikes from a pop-up shed I have and a few 24lb bricks to hold it into place for those really windy days – but it has held up through some pretty good sized PNW storms so far.

I am torn on the fact that it doesn’t have a floor – on the one hand, it would keep the bike better protected from mud, bugs, etc .. but on the other, I have a pop-up shed with a floor that takes on a bit of water now and then so it stinks horribly. I plan on adding a gravel floor to this one this summer so when it starts raining again the water can drain off and the bike wont be sitting in mud or on a tarp – which is what I have spread out on the ground right now.

Oh, also the flap when rolled up and tethered with the bungie cords sits rather low so I have to move it out of the way when backing my bike out or pulling it in as the windshield (and sometimes mirrors, depending on my angle) get caught on that flap. No way to really fix that, so just a heads up.

Again, this works fine, but it you have a motorcycle like mine (Suzuki Marauder VZ800), you might want to spend a bit more for the 8’x8′ — if I had it to do over again, I would do that in a second!

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