VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount Review 2019

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount Review 2019

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VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount Review 2019

Let me just start by saying while I was really Blown Away by the quality of this TV wall mount that I had got from my garage to hang a 50 inch TV up instead of having it on a bench I had out there. So I was pretty anxious to open it up and try it I was actually really surprised on how much weight the product itself actually has the bracket on him seems very well-constructed everything seem to be very sturdy and not flimsy. So once I figured out where the studs were and mark them with the stud finder it was really easy to install and maybe took me 30 minutes to install it it took me longer to find the right bit to install the lag bolts into the wall. I was kind of nervous when installing it because this is the first wall mount I’ve ever installed by myself. I was actually really surprised at how easy it was. my 50-inch really isn’t that heavy of a TV I was able to install it by myself with no help and hold the TV up why I got the bracket into place for the tv to be mounted on. Also I like how it’s really easy to the TV swivels and hold the TV pretty securely as well. Overall I would definitely recommend this wall mount to anybody out there considering getting one this one’s definitely worth the money and also a lot cheaper than some of the other ones I seen on there you can read some of the other reviews that converts for have a great this product actually is.

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