About me

With the addition of more and more inorganic, processed and fast foods into our diets along with physical inactivity, overweight and obesity is on the rise. While some may take obesity very lightly and not quite seriously, obesity is a disease. It may also be considered as a chronic disease by some; one that develops over a quite a period of time. Obesity not only completely distorts your body image but also poses a lot of psychological and physical effects on a person. Obesity and overweight accompanies lots of other diseases with it. These diseases namely include; cardiovascular (heart) diseases, cholesterol and high blood pressure, diabetes, gallbladder diseases such as gallstones, osteoarthritis, gout and breathing problems such as sleep apnea and asthma. Obesity and overweight is also known to have a relationship with triggering some cancers including breast, bowel, womb, oesophageal, pancreatic, kidney, liver, ovarian, thyroid and blood cancers along with many others.

By now you probably realize how much of a danger obesity and overweight may cause you and how being obese alters and changes your life. You need to grasp the seriousness of the situation. We offer you the perfect opportunity to lose all that unwanted and extra fat by consulting our specialist Andrea.

Andrea is a well trained and qualified specialist who excels in the art of eliminating fat. She uses no medical surgeries such as liposuction, which in turn may worsen or complicate things. She’ll help you lose weight the natural way; by incorporating appropriate foods into your diet and including physical activity into your routine. Andrea is not like all those other claimed specialists who aimlessly cut food out of your diet and practically starve you in order for you to lose weight. She carefully calculates the calories you should be taking according to your body mass index (BMI: The ideal weight according to your height and age) and basal energy expenditure (BEE). Then plan a menu diet that’ll help you lose weight without starving you and providing your body with all the necessary nutrients and energy required. That is the true way, the correct way to lose weight.

You can finally put an end to following all those ridiculous remedies that you see on the internet, along with all those absurd advices that people will throw at you. They will get you nowhere at all. Leave it to the specialist to deal with. Fret no more and consult our specialist Andrea.