Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review 2019

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Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review 2019

Great machine. I have been using Whites metal detectors for the past 10 years and this one surpasses it by far. The last Whites detector that I had crapped out on me after a year and a half of using it. As I didn’t care to send it in for repair I decided to try something different and boy did I make the right choice. After using it only a week I found more coins then I ever found with my Whites in a month. The depth is fantastic even on standard mode and the discriminator although not entirely foolproof is a lot better as I don’t have to waste a lot of time digging for junk. I would have given this machine a five if the screen was a little larger especially if your a senior. It’s a just a minor inconvenience to have to wear reading glasses when using it. It’s also easy to use and not complicated like some of the more expensive machines that I borrowed from friends over the years. Otherwise I highly recommend this metal detector as you get a lot of bang for the money!


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