Weight Loss Tips – Top 15 Best Foods for Weight Loss Keep You Full Longer

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Weight Loss Tips – Top 15 Best Foods for Weight Loss Keep You Full Longer

Sweet strawberries are at the top of the list.

When it comes to eating for weight-loss, fiber is where it’s at. The Cleveland Clinic says women should aim for the recommended 25 to 30 grams per day — and one way to do so is loading your plate with broccoli, which contains 16 grams per bunch.

Summer is the perfect time to stock up on strawberries — and it’s especially good for your waistline. In a study from Harvard Medical School, researchers found an increased intake of flavonoid-rich fruits — this one, included! — could help prevent weight gain.

Since cucumbers are low in calories (there’s only 16 per cup when you slice ’em!), loaded with water, and contain hearty fiber in the peel, eating some every day as a snack can keep you feeling full, making you less likely to eat foods that make the number on the scale creep up.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, all you need is one serving of lentils a day to lose weight thanks to their high protein content that combats hunger and diminishes cravings.

Like strawberries, blueberries were also found to aid in weight control due to their high levels of anthocyanins. Up the amount you eat on the regular by grabbing a carton for a healthy snack or adding them into your morning bowl of oatmeal.

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Speaking of oatmeal, the Cleveland Clinic says the high-fiber grain is a perfect addition to anyone’s diet who’s trying to shed some pounds. To cut down on excess — and unneeded — calories, make your oats with water and add a splash of almond milk when you’re ready to eat.

As long as you don’t go nuts on nuts, they can be super beneficial in helping you lose weight. In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, researchers found those who got their protein from nuts instead of animal products had less weight gain than those who never ate them.

Talk about serious hunger fighting powers. Pears come in at only 102 calories a pop, but a single piece of fruit is loaded with 6 grams of filling fiber that will keep your stomach from growling between meals.

It doesn’t matter what kind of beans you eat, be it green, black, kidney, or navy. One study found having just 3/4 cup a day of any can help you shed some serious pounds — plus, you’ll up your protein intake in the process.

If you haven’t jumped on the mushroom bandwagon yet, it’s time. A study from the University of Buffalo found the veggie (portobellos in particular) could help you lose weight, due to their ability to regulate your blood sugar and better balance your hormones.

Grapes were made to be snacked on, and always having some on hand could be great for your weight-loss goals too. A study published in PLOS Medicine found the sweet fruit can aid in shedding unwanted pounds.

An apple a day might not always keep the doctor, but they can help keep the pounds off. According to a study published in the journal Nutrition, researchers found adding three apples into your daily meal plan can result in losing weight due to all that added fiber.

Sweet Potatoes
Potatoes often get a bad rap, but when it comes to weight loss, they’re hard-to-beat sources of scale-dropping fiber. According to the Cleveland Clinic, sweet potatoes will up the insoluble fiber in your diet, keep you full longer, and you can bake and eat one for just 114 calories.

The next time you’re craving some crunch, drop the potato chips and grab some celery instead. The veggie is essentially all water and fiber — two things that fill you up quickly.

Beans and lentils are great, but another weight-dropping lentil to add into your pantry is chickpeas. Roasting some up for a warm and filling meal has been scientifically proven to result in weight loss.

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